Pottery for Wellbeing

Surrey Adult Learning (SAL) offers a Passport to Wellbeing programme, which has been designed to offer an interesting choice of courses that are free, with the aim of helping any learner experiencing or recovering from mild to moderate mental wellbeing difficulties.

Learners on the Passport to Wellbeing programme course running at the Camberley Centre were busy making the final touches to their pottery work under the expert guidance of tutor Jeanne Stiff. The new programme seems to be appealing to learners who were happy to share their experience with a visitor to their class. The first impression in the pottery studio was one of calm and harmony as the learners applied their knowledge whilst listening to the soothing melody of classical music.

"It's really good, really relaxing. It is great to get out and make friends." said Steve, one of the learners. Likewise, learner Anna mentioned how much better she felt in the class, "It's calmed me down, we all work at our own pace and this is somewhere to go to forget about everything".

The summer term theme was the production of pinch pots and also garden planters, using a slab of clay for a base and building up the sides with coiled clay from an extruder.

If you are suffering with anxiety, depression or sleep disorder this programme might benefit you. To find out more about the SAL Passport to Wellbeing programme you can contact our friendly Customer Service Team on 0300 200 1044 or visit our website for further information Passport to Wellbeing.