The Henrietta Parker Trust - enabling learners to achieve

The Molesey Adult Learning Centre is particularly special due to the legacy of Mrs Henrietta Parker, who set up a trust in order to provide an education to the needy. The legacy carries on today: eligible learners can enrol on certain Henrietta Parker Trust (HPT) courses for just £5 and learn key skills, such as cookery and computing. There are many other courses to discover at the Molesey Centre, and many learners join on HPT courses and continue learning with us.

June Hurrell (pictured right) left school at 15, then attended evening classes in order to learn bookkeeping. Her career was in finance, working initially for the British Airports Authority, and for a long spell at Kingston University as chief cashier. Upon her retirement, she continued to stay active and devoted her time to helping others – working at St Peter's Hospital, assisting in the canteen, and Walton Day Centre, delivering meals on wheels.

June was keen to understand how to use a computer and its useful functions that could improve her quality of life. June is struggling with mobility and the idea of online shopping was becoming increasingly appealing. June's sister found a £5 course at the Henrietta Parker Centre in Molesey and enrolled June onto the course.

June really benefitted from the class, made new acquaintances, and thoroughly enjoyed herself! She now knows how to get deals online thanks to her course! She went online and searched for a well-known book shop and got a £3 reduction voucher off a book she wanted.

Today, June is confident going online to check things or browse shopping website. She knows that if she is unable to get out and about in the community, she can comfortably order online – all thanks to a £5 Henrietta Parker Trust-funded course.

  • Updated: 31 May 2020