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Community crochet and knit project for Camfest 2018

Camfest took place for the first time in the Camberley Mall from 17-19 February 2017. The exhibition was an opportunity to showcase Art and Craft work submitted by local artists in the Camberley area and the event was organised and run by the Camberley Society led by Susan Stewart, in order to raise the profile of the town and highlight the talent of local residents. The event was really successful and Surrey Adult Learning was delighted to assist with the promotion of the event and also see the work of some of our learners on display. Following the success of the event Camfest will be taking place again in 2018 and one of the craft initiatives is a community crochet/knit project led by one of our arts and crafts learners, Mrs Ruth Bayley.

The aim of the crochet/knit project is to create a beautiful wall hanging made from a selection of crocheted or knitted flowers. Ruth is looking out for contributions from any one interested in knitting or crocheting a flower.

Project specification:

The flowers should be created in double knit, using a yarn of any colour; the flower diameter must be a minimum of 3 cm and a maximum of 10 cm. Flowers can be flat, 3D and single or multi coloured.

Ruth needs your contributions as soon as possible, but definitely before the end of October 2017, when she will start to join all the flowers up together to create an eye catching wall hanging for the 2018 Camfest exhibition. Any contributions should ideally be submitted with a small card, describing the inspiration for your flower and your name, or, if you so chose an anonymous entry. Knitted or crocheted flowers can be dropped off at the reception of the Camberley Adult Learning Centre.

Here is a website that might inspire you!