Surrey Adult Learner Felicity has been awarded a place at Putney School of Art and Design.

We caught up with Felicity and her Tutor Christina at the Esher Centre in the art studio.

She said, "My name is Felicity Ross. I am 61 years old, and an attender at the Painting in Acrylics course at Esher since about April 2016. Between then and now, I have gradually changed from thinking from: 'I'd love to do a formal art school course, but I wouldn't be good enough', to: 'I wonder if I might get a place on an art diploma course', and then: 'Actually, I'm going to apply for that diploma course'. As a result, I've recently been offered a place on the part time Diploma course offered by Putney School of Art & Design, and will be starting in September."

"The course is aimed at people who have already done some kind of regular classes or other work (for instance, I had to provide a portfolio for the interview), but who are looking to take their commitment up a notch. I retired last September from work and I see the Diploma as an opportunity to make a transition to a new and hopefully fulfilling way of life. In retrospect I don't feel I was even allowed to consider this at school; I wasn't considered good enough at art to be allowed to take the 'O' level, as it was then, and had to take the lesser CSE option. For years, I just assumed that school was right, but Christina and the Esher Green acrylics course have helped me realise this is not necessarily true."

"The course has given me a way into painting - I'd tried occasionally before but hadn't really got very far. At Christina's acrylics class, it's been different. I've experienced a happy mixture of learning new techniques, learning to just try things out, learning to fix things that go wrong, learning how to approach things I've no idea how to do....and I've enjoyed it all hugely. Christina is very good at giving me and my classmates confidence, while challenging us to do things we don't think we want to....and she does this is such a way that we soon realise how useful they are."

"And what fun it is, both for beginners and improvers; both are equally at home in this class. Surrey Adult Learning provides excellent Tutors with a real passion for the subject of their choice and the ability to share knowledge in an inspirational way that is so exciting."

Well done Felicity, and best of luck in September!

  • Updated: 31 May 2020