Family learning GCSE success

Learner Mrs Tara Gurung had the determination to learn, improve and enjoy with Surrey Adult Learning, gaining a GCSE Maths qualification, following her involvement with the Surrey Adult Learning's Family Learning Team.

Tara is married to a retired Brigade of Gurkhas British Army soldier, who has been based in the Unit since 1997. She joined him from Nepal in 2005 to settle in the United Kingdom.

Initially she picked up basic "survival" English with the help of the Army military wives and the community at the barracks. As her family grew, Tara registered her children at Nursery School and found a leaflet about Family Learning. She connected with the Family Learning Team through Grove Primary School and used their help and guidance, which contributed to help her family settle in Surrey and feel a sense of belonging in Great Britain, whilst being very much a part of the Nepalese community locally.

Family Learning encouraged Tara to enhance her Maths skills and improve her English, both being fundamental core base skills.

The Nepalese language uses a very different phonology to English and learning a new language from scratch is a challenge to anybody, especially a busy mum!

Tara persevered in her quiet, reflective manner with both English and Maths.

She enjoyed the Maths courses at the Camberley Centre, completing pre-GCSE Maths and then progressing onto the GCSE accredited course, under the guidance of her Tutor Nicky Mclean.

Tara enjoyed Nicky's classes and described her Tutor as being extremely supportive and encouraging, even when Tara faced challenges, such as language comprehension in order to understand the work task and the different methods used to learn Maths in Great Britain, which are different compared to those of her native country.

Tara's husband opened the email from Surrey Adult Learning giving her results and he said, "I am so excited and proud of my wife! We are over the moon with Tara's success!"

Learner, Tara, has ideas for her continued progression and will continue to study in order to improve her production of spoken and written English with Surrey Adult Learning as we offer courses in English, including pre-GCSE English leading towards a GCSE course, that is an accredited qualification.

Her goal is to work in teaching one day in Great Britain as this was her vocation in Nepal.

When asked if she would encourage other Learners to come along to Surrey Adult Learning she responded, "Yes! 100% - when I arrived here in 2005, my second baby was born and I was lost. Today I am proud of myself."