Artist’s reflections

Audrey Campbell is a passionate artist and has been flourishing under the watchful eye of tutor Cedric Day for eighteen months at the Surrey Adult Learning Centre in Camberley. Audrey was born in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe in Africa. At the age of seven her primary school sent her to a summer art holiday camp in Durban, where her raw talent was noticed. She even had aspirations of joining the circus. She survived a troubled and difficult childhood, as her father was alcohol dependent and died when she was just ten years old. There was little money to treat the family to extras and Audrey did not benefit from a completed formal education as she was compelled to leave school at fifteen years old and enter the work place. She qualified three years later as a hairdresser.

Audrey married very young and was busy raising her family. The political situation in South Africa became of increasing concern and she decided the family should flee to the United Kingdom for their own wellbeing.

Audrey was diagnosed with breast cancer four and a half years ago and her fortunate recovery from this was the catalyst for her to change her life direction and enjoy each day to the full. Her love of art from her early youth became the driving force in her daily life and she decided it was time for her to devote her energy and time for her own passion.

Audrey attended Surrey Adult Learning courses initially in Farnham then at the Camberley Centre. She has exhibited her work in many local Surrey exhibitions and more recently participated in the Party in the Park in Woking event and has donated art to feature in a museum in Petersfield.

Audrey took a leap of faith and buddied up with fellow artist Russell Cobb to participate in the Surrey Open Studios event that over two hundred people attended. She presented her art to the public – a vibrant range of pastel, abstract and mixed media.

Audrey was pleased to sell her paintings and is beginning to realise the appeal of her art. She works tirelessly and even describes herself as “obsessive”. She says “It’s all or nothing with me”.

Audrey is dynamic and passionate about her work. She has a huge body of work that has grown in under two years. Her art is an electric mix ranging from illustration, landscape and abstract art. On this exciting journey of self expression, Audrey is defining herself as an artist and shared that her preferred medium was working in pastels.

The creative energy flows from Audrey, who can work tirelessly on her work. She mentioned with amusement, “When I’m frustrated, I’ll just throw paint at it.”

She has been accepted on a Degree course at the University of Chichester, commencing her course in September 2017. Audrey is understandably thrilled at the prospect of continuing her personal development, enhance her skills and the validation of her ability as a respected artist in her own right.

To find out more about Audrey why not follow Audrey’s facebook page at Audrey Campbell Artist and appreciate her art.