2017 GCSE learner focus: Celebrating success with Dr Marjot

David Margot, GCSE MathsDavid Margot was delighted to report back that he had passed his GCSE Maths, awarded a Grade 5, which is considered a very respectable result. He was chuffed to bits and quietly satisfied as we sat and discussed the GCSE programme. David did not manage to complete the paper which he found challenging, however he gave it his best shot.

He extended a personal thanks to the SAL team. David made a point of highlighting tutor Nicky McLean's organisation skills, wonderful teaching and how she skilfully compressed the syllabus into one academic year. David was particularly grateful to Lesley, the highly respected volunteer, who helped learners every step of the way, and who kindly created a dedicated "drop in" clinic for learners struggling with the homework or any particular maths problem. David is looking forward to attending the GCSE award ceremony on Friday 17 November 2017 at the Camberley Centre.

In terms of progression, David's learning journey is not complete. He picked up a Surrey Adult Learning Directory at the Weybridge Library and enrolled himself on a Creative Writing course in Esher. More recently he was given an iPad, which he has decided would benefit from some enhanced support to learn how to get the best out of its functionality, so he has also enrolled for a basic iPad course.

From this learning David has forged some new friendships and we touched on the positive social engagement that SAL promotes; bringing together people who share a common interest or skill. An example of this, is the fact that David will be car sharing to attend his iPad course. We wish all the best to Dr Marjot as he continues to explore and learn new skills with SAL.