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Pottery enthusiast turns her amateur hobby into a professional job after attending classes with us.

Learner Reiko took up pottery classes at our Guildford Centre. Discover how she developed her skills in ceramics, and became a professional.

Online Cookery for the Weekend Course is a recipe for success.

Discover how cookery tutor Helen has been inspiring learners to become their own set of “Master Chef's”, transforming what could be a relentless chore into an exciting opportunity!

Dr Harris attended a 'run your own business course' and is now a published author.

Dr Harris was keen to start up her own business, but she needed a kick-start. Find out how our course helped her.

Art learner excels as he experiences the best of teaching at Surrey Adult Learning!

Learner Simon decided to join art classes with Surrey Adult Learning as a way of exploring his own personal channels of creativity. Discover how it benefited him.

Retired school Governor returns to the classroom inspired by life-long learning

When learner Sue retired from a demanding career, her family decided to enrol her on art classes with Surrey Adult Learning. Find out about her experience since joining us.

Pottery enterprise raises money for charity

Find out how learner Callum, who attends the Supported Learning Pottery Enterprise course, worked on producing items to sell to raise money for the learners chosen charities.

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