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Why learn a language with Surrey Adult Learning?

Have you always dreamt of learning a new language? Did you study a language in school that you'd like to pick up again? Or maybe you are looking for a new challenge to take your language skills to the next level? Then we have a course for you!

Whether you are planning a holiday, need to improve your language skills for work or just enjoy mastering another language, we have a broad range of courses to suit anyone and everyone from the absolute beginner to the advanced learner.

Our skilled tutors will support you to develop your knowledge in a welcoming and relaxed environment. You'll also be part of a small group who share your passion for language-learning and will encourage you to progress.

Which languages can I learn?

We offer courses in wide variety of modern and ancient languages.

Our bespoke progression pathway through stages 1 to 7 means that you can find a course to meet your needs. If you are unsure which stage would be most suitable, please complete the Languages self-assessment at the bottom of the page before enrolling.

Please click on the links below to see the courses available in each language.

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Cultural lectures

How do other countries celebrate Christmas? Why are gestures so important in Italian? And where did the legend of the Chinese dragon begin?

Learn the answer to these and many more questions with our series of one-off cultural lectures. Open to all and available at a discount of 3 lectures for £39 , these lectures perfectly complement our language courses and may even inspire you to pick up something new!

Lectures coming soon!

Self assessment form

Complete our languages self assessment form to help you to choose the right language level.

Self assessment form

Next steps and continuing your learning

When you have completed your language course you may wish to progress to other classes. Your tutor will be able to advise you on opportunities available.

There are also many other courses available from Surrey Adult Learning that may be of interest.

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There are other providers you can contact to help build your knowledge and skills too.

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