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Why learn a language with Surrey Adult Learning?

Learning a language improves your memory and concentration, boosts your communication skills and confidence, and opens your eyes to a new way of understanding the world.

Whether you are planning a holiday, need to improve your language skills for work or just enjoy mastering another language, we have a broad range of courses to suit anyone and everyone from the absolute beginner to the advanced learner. Our skilled tutors will support you to develop your knowledge in a welcoming and relaxed environment. You'll also be part of a small group who share your passion for language learning and will encourage you to progress.

Course levels

All of our language courses are mapped against the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for Languages. For 2023 to 2024, we have changed how we name our courses to better reflect the CEFR levels and help learners understand where they are in their language learning journey. Each course spans 2 to 3 years and is arranged into termly modules. If you are unsure which level is right for you, please refer to the table here or complete our online self-assessment form below.

Our course levelsCEFR LevelNumber of hours of prior
learning you should have
had to join the first module
of this level
Formerly known as
Beginners (Modules 1 to 3)A1 Beginner0Stage 1
Beginners (Modules 4 to 6)A1 Beginner50Stage 2
Beyond Beginners| (Modules 1 to 3)A2 Elementary100Stage 3
Beyond Beginners (Modules 4 to 6)A2 Elementary150Stage 3+
Lower intermediate (Modules 1 to 3)B1 Intermediate200Stage 4
Lower intermediate (Modules 4 to 6)B1 Intermediate250Stage 4+
Intermediate (Modules 1 to 3)B1 Intermediate300Stage 5
Intermediate (Modules 4 to 6)B1 Intermediate350Stage 5+
Intermediate (Modules 7 to 10)B2 Upper Intermediate400Stage 6
Upper intermediate (Modules 1 to 3)B2 Upper Intermediate450Stage 6+
Upper intermediate (Modules 4 to 6)B2 Upper Intermediate500Stage 7
Upper intermediate (Modules 7 to 9)B2 Upper Intermediate550Stage 7+

Self assessment form

Complete our languages self assessment form to help you to choose the right language level.

Self assessment form

Which languages can I learn?

Our language courses are designed to get you speaking the language from day one and focus on practical language, as well as introducing you to the culture and customs of the countries where the language is spoken. Whether you want to learn in one of our seven centres or from the comfort of your own home, we have the ideal course for you. We offer a wide variety of courses in the following Modern Languages:

In addition to our Modern Languages courses, you can also learn an ancient language with us. Our specialist tutor will give you an understanding of how the language works so that you can use this knowledge to effectively read simple texts in the language. You can choose to learn the following languages with us:

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Types of courses

Most of our language courses run for 10 to12 weeks in termly modules, each one building on the last. In addition to our standard courses, we offer the following types of courses that may better suit your ability, time commitment or learning goals.

Brush Up

If you have previously learnt a language but are feeling rusty, our Brush Up courses are perfect. These term-long courses will help you revise beginner level language and rebuild your confidence before continuing your language learning journey.


Our conversation courses are ideal for those who want to continue practising their spoken language in a friendly, informal environment with the support of an experienced tutor. They are great as a standalone course or in combination with one of our other language courses. We offer conversation courses in French, Italian and Spanish from lower intermediate to advanced level.


Our intensive courses are ideal if you want to progress quickly as they run for fewer weeks with more hours each week. We offer intensive courses in German, Spanish and Italian on a Saturday morning at our Guildford centre, in French on Tuesdays at our Camberley centre and in Spanish for two lunchtimes per week online.

Short courses

In addition to our term-long courses, we also offer a range of short courses to help you hone your skills, master a tricky topic, and explore more about the culture.

One-off workshops

Our themed workshops are ideal if you want extra practise to master specific language. We offer sessions in French, Italian and Spanish which focus on topics such as ordering at the café, numbers and prices, and shopping at markets.

Taster sessions

Taster sessions are short, one-off courses which will help you get to grips with some basic language, give you a flavour of what it is like learning a language with us, and inspire you to join one of our longer courses.

Grammar courses

Grammar forms the building blocks of a language but can be difficult to master. Our new 4-week French grammar courses will focus on learning the rules, practising patterns, and getting the hang of irregulars to help boost your confidence.

Cultural lectures

Have you ever wanted to explore the world without actually leaving the country? Well, now you can with our series of one off cultural lectures. We'll take you on a journey to learn how to celebrate an authentic Italian Christmas, understand the folklore of Japan and discover new regions of Europe to visit.

Our cultural lectures are two hours long and delivered in English, so are open to all. Available at a discount of 3 lectures for £45, they perfectly complement our language courses and may even inspire you to pick up something new!

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Next steps and continuing your learning

When you have completed your language course you may wish to progress to other classes. Your tutor will be able to advise you on opportunities available.

There are also many other courses available from Surrey Adult Learning that may be of interest.

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There are other providers you can contact to help build your knowledge and skills too.

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