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Expand your horizons with a variety of fascinating courses that will challenge you, build your knowledge and develop your skills.


On our Bridge courses, beginners can build on the basics of the game whilst those who have some experience can improve their techniques and skills, both in a friendly sociable group.

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Creative writing

Develop your writing skills on our creative writing courses. Let your imagination run and turn your ideas into credible stories and experience various genres and forms. Whether you are interested in learning about life writing, plotting and structure, science fiction or fantasy writing, we have a range of courses to choose from.

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Cultural lectures

Learn about the culture and etiquette, literature, cinema and folklore of other countries around the world with our series of cultural lectures.

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Learn how you can add range, meaning and nuance to your words, as well as how to listen deeply to yourself, fellow actors and your audience. On our beginners course learners will also look at text and learn to 'taste' the sounds and understand the punctuation and meaning of the characters.

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Are you inspired by the past? Choose your area of historical interest from Ancient Civilisations, Royal History and London neighbourhoods.

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Lip reading

We offer lip reading courses for adults with hearing difficulties. Learn about lip shapes and tactics to help you manage difficult listening situations.

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We offer Makaton courses (Combined Level 1 & Level2), for people who want to build their communication skills with people with learning or communication difficulties.

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Public speaking

Using presentation techniques together with simple acting techniques the tutor will set out to initially break down barriers, improve communication, allay irrational fears and improve general confidence. By using these techniques you will understand the basic principles of acting, presenting and public speaking and then put them into practice.

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Getting to grips with personal finances

These courses are designed to help plan your personal finances and understand how to budget. They explain the importance of good money management and cover inflation/deflation, borrowing and debt and salary deductions.

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Using the internet for family history

Are you fascinated by the past, interested in genealogy, or just want to see who you are related to? This course aims to provide learners with that starting point, it is aimed at beginners and will outline the resources available on the internet for family historians.

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Next steps and continuing your learning

When you have completed your course you may wish to progress to other classes. Your tutor will be able to advise you on opportunities available.

There are also many other courses available from Surrey Adult Learning that may be of interest.

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There are other providers you can contact to help build your knowledge and skills too.

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