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Customer and Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Update 23 August 2018

We are currently delivering an unprecedented number of roadworks schemes, worth £25 million. Our Works Communication Team are working hard to provide timely and accurate information for all the works and anyone affected.

We may be unable at times to meet the timescales set out below. Please accept our apologies for this.

Levels of engagement

We use the Customer and Stakeholder Engagement Plan (CSEP) to decide when and how to communicate with anyone affected by our roadworks.

In order to decide the level of engagement and communication required, we grade the works based on the disruption caused.

The table below sets out the different levels of engagement and their timescales.


Major Projects

Level 2

Level 1

Level 0



  • Sustainable Transport Packages
  • Major Infrastructure Improvements e.g. LEP works


  • Residential/busy urban areas/large rural areas
  • Road closures or disruptive
  • Traffic Management- Traffic sensitive A-roads/town centre


  • Rural roads- Small rural residential areas-
  • Minor works on cul-de-sacs etc.


  • Areas with little or no affect to stakeholders
Contact Councillor Yes Yes Yes Optional
Signs Yes Yes Yes Optional
Letter drop Yes Yes Optional Optional
Business visit Yes Yes Optional No
Facebook / Twitter Yes Optional Optional No
Newsletter Yes Optional No No
Press release & radio Yes Optional Optional No
Webpage Yes Optional No No
Public meetings Optional Optional No No
Customer notice Timescales outlined in communication plan 14 days 7 days 3 days

For more information about any of our works, please see our roadworks page.