Roadside and pavement verges

Maintaining verges

Verges in Surrey are maintained as part of our grass cutting programme. You can find out more information on our grass cutting page.

Residents are responsible for controlling the growth of weeds from private property to roadside or pavement verges. It is an offence to allow the spread of certain weeds.

Applying to maintain a verge

Owners or occupiers of properties next to the highway can apply for a licence to plant and maintain shrubs, plants or grass verges at that location.

More information on applying for a licence to maintain a verge can be found on our page on applying to plant or maintain a grass verge.

Parking on verges

It is an offence to obstruct or damage highway verges and pavements by parking on them. You should not park on the pavement or verge because it can cause damage to the surface and force pedestrians to walk in the road.

You may not take a motor vehicle across the verge and/or pavement. To do this, you must have a properly constructed dropped kerb (vehicle crossing).

More information can be found on our page about protecting grass verges from parking.