Traffic light refurbishment and replacement works

Following a successful campaign for funding via the Asset Management Strategy work, we have an increased programme of traffic light refurbishment works with our traffic signal contractors, Siemens.

What are we doing?

Traffic lights equipment that has become obsolete or is beginning to fail due to age and wear will be replaced with new equipment.

What are the benefits of the work?

Where possible we will be incorporating new technologies. All of the refurbishments will include upgrading to extra low voltage cabling and equipment to reduce our carbon footprint and energy costs.

Will there be a temporary pedestrian crossing in place during the works?

Each site has been assessed, and not all will have replacement pedestrian crossings. The factors that determine if there will be a temporary crossing include how close schools are, speed limit, and the location of other crossing points.

How can I safely cross the road?

There should be temporary signage on street to guide you, but you can also ask our team on site - they will be able to direct you to the closest crossing.

Why can't this money be used for potholes/roads?

Surrey's assets management team has allocated money for the traffic light refurbishment programme. This has been due to several years of underinvestment in traffic lights.

Why can't you do the work at the same time as other roadworks?

Where possible we are programming the work to be done at the same time as other Surrey work or utility works. This is to reduce the impact on road users.

Will the temporary light phasing be the same as the replaced lights?

The phasing and arrangement of the temporary lights will depend on the work being carried out. It might be similar to the permanent lights. The temporary lights will not be as reactive as the permanent lights, and may result in some delays. We try our best to plan the traffic management to reduce the impact we cause, and try to monitor the lights and phasing during the works.