Pavement and footway snow clearing routes in Surrey

When snow falls, our main priority is to salt the road network. We do not routinely salt pavements. However, when there are accumulations of snow, we do try to clear pavements in towns and those areas serving hospitals.

Which pavements will be cleared?

Pavements will be cleared in order of priority and only after the roads have been cleared. The number of pavements cleared will depend on the duration and severity of the weather as well as the availability of grit/salt and manpower.

  • Priority 1: Main town centres footways and pavements. These will be cleared first.
  • Priority 2: Town centre and links to main transport hubs. These will only be cleared after priority 1 footways and pavements have been cleared.
  • Priority 3 and 4: Pavements and footways outside schools and shopping parades. These will only be cleared after priority 1 and 2 footways and pavements have been cleared.

We are currently updating the list of roads which fall into these categories, and aim to have these published online by November 2020.

Why are pavements not routinely salted?

There are over 6,500 miles of roads, pavements and other footways in Surrey. To make the best use of our resources, we prioritise treating roads. Pavements and other footways often clear without specific treatment by the time that roads have been salted.