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Young Street, Leatherhead bridge maintenance works

Update 7 August

Work began on 1 August. The road surface has been removed to expose the bridge deck. The old kerbs have also been removed.

Between 6 - 17 August the bridge bearings are being refurbished. These works are carried out under the bridge.

We will also be:

  • preparing the bridge deck for water proofing
  • carrying out concrete repairs
  • starting to lay the new kerbs and pavements
  • installing the buried bridge joint

Between 20 - 31 August we will be:

  • Continuing to install the new kerbs and pavements
  • resurfacing the road
  • painting the road markings and fitting the cats eyes
  • installing the second bridge joint

29 August we will be preparing to re-open Young Street to traffic. There will be a reduced speed limit of 40 miles per hour in place while we carry out the remaining refurbishment works on the parapets. This is expected to take place between 3 -20 September.

Surrey County Council will be providing a free shuttle bus during the works for connections to the 465. The time table can be viewed online.

Why are we doing these works?

The essential refurbishment of Mole Bridge - Young Street is expected to take 8 weeks in total.

  • Some elements of the work will require a full road closure.
  • A road closure is also necessary for these kind of works to ensure a safe working environment for the team due to the narrow width of the carriageway. These works are expected to take up to 5 weeks.
  • The remainder of the repairs are estimated to take 3 weeks. These works will be carried out under reduced speed for this stretch of the road. It will be fully open in both directions.
  • The repairs to the bridge will prevent further deterioration and avoid more expensive and lengthy repairs in the future.

Originally we planned to undertake this work in mid-April 2018, however following feedback from local residents the works were postponed to avoid the school exam period. We have a provisional date of 30 July 2018 for when the works are due to start. This date may change.

We closed the road for one night on 23 April to make temporary repairs to keep the bridge safe. You can keep up to date with this scheme by subscribing to our newsletter below.

Scheme overview

Young Street will be closed for five weeks whilst we are waterproofing Mole Bridge, resurfacing the road and carrying out other general maintenance works. Unfortunately due to the width of the road we are not able to use temporary traffic lights and keep one lane open. Following the road closure more work will be carried out for a further three weeks, but the road will stay open.

The bridge has been in an extremely poor condition for a long time and this has led to the waterproof layer deteriorating. Our work involves using specialist materials that are sensitive to temperature and need to be applied during dry weather so it's not possible to carry out this type of work in the winter.

The information below should assist in answering your questions about the scheme.

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Frequently asked questions

What does the scheme involve?

This project will include the replacement of waterproofing, carriageway resurfacing, replacement bridge joints, new footways and kerbing, bridge bearing maintenance and parapet refurbishment which improve the overall durability of the structure.

Will the structure look different after the work is completed?

No, the structure will look refurbished.

How long will the works take?

The scheme will require specialist and skilled contractors to carry out the works. We anticipate the duration for the full road closure will be approximately five weeks long. The parapet refurbishment element will be carried out with the road fully opened. This part of the scheme will be at the end of the closure and will last for approximately three weeks.

Will there be access during the works for pedestrians/cyclists?

There will be no access for vehicles/pedestrians of cyclists. Please follow the diversions attached to the website.

Why are these works clashing with Beech Avenue utility works?

This scheme was originally planned to start in April 2018 but was postponed until the summer following feedback from local residents to avoid the school exam period. Water main replacement work on Beech Avenue was already planned and therefore both works will happen at the same time. It will be less disruptive to carry out both works at the same time when the roads are quietest; than separately outside of the school holidays.

Will walkers, horse riders etc be able to use the route under the bridge whilst repairs take place?

Yes, the footpath will be open under the bridge during the works.

What will the diversion be for vehicles?

There will be a signed diversion route in place for all types of vehicles and this is shown in the PDF below.

Will you be doing anything to help with congestion?

To ease congestion on the official diversion 'No Waiting' traffic orders for Chalkpit Lane, Station Road and Ashcombe Road have also been applied for as a contingency. If parked cars do cause congestion we will work with the local councillor to find a suitable solution and keep residents informed.

Will Chapel Lane be closed?

Following consultation with councillors and comments received from residents the following range of options are proposed as a contingency only in the event that Chapel Lane is used excessively as an unofficial diversion route whilst Young Street is closed. The options would be -

  • One way closure southbound
  • One way closure northbound (between Ranmore Common Road & Polesden Road)
  • Full closure of Chapel Lane – both directions.

The proposal to make Chapel Lane one-way is intended to deter drivers from using Chapel Lane as an unofficial diversion route. Several residents living along the road have highlighted this to us as a concern, stating that they have been unable to get out of their homes when traffic diverts off the A24.

If any of the options above are implemented two way traffic will always be maintained along Westhumble Street and Chapel Lane from the junction with A24 to the junction with Ranmore Common Rd and between Dorking Road from the junction with Chapel Lane to the junction A246 - Leatherhead Road.

We will also put additional weight restriction signs at each end of the road to reinforce this message and signs identifying this route as access only.

If we need to close Chapel Lane we will install extra temporary signs, have gatemen on the road to help with access. We will continue to work with the local councillor to keep residents updated.

Why don't you undertake the work at night and open the road during the day?

There's limited space on the bridge. The work involves stripping the road surface off the bridge and exposing the deck of the bridge, ready for the waterproofing treatment. It is not safe for vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians to use the bridge at any time, and using the bridge may damage it.

Will there be advanced warning notices and letter be sent out in advance of the scheme?

Yes we always provide as much information as possible. Our Customer Stakeholder Engagement Plan outlines how we inform residents, businesses and road users.

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