Tilford Street, Tilford – Flood alleviation scheme

Update to works duration - 19 March

During our works we have identified some additional defects at the junction with Green Lane which require immediate attention. These additional works are expected to be finished by 26 March.

Scheme details

We will be undertaking a flood alleviation scheme involving the installation of non-traditional, sustainable solutions including rain gardens and HydroRock in place of gullies and pipes. This will have the benefit of reducing the risk of flooding and future maintenance, whilst increasing biodiversity through creation of habitat.

Works details

Work is scheduled to start on Monday 8 February 2021.

Tilford Street, at the junction with Sheephatch Lane, will be closed in stages during our flood alleviation works, we plan to carry out the works as follows:

  • Tilford Street north (from Ley Cottage to Sheephatch Lane) – 8 February to 16 February (updated 12 February)
  • Tilford Street south (from Sheephatch Lane to Green Lane) – 17 February to 18 March (updated 12 February)

The closure on each section will be in place 24 hours a day for the duration of that stage of the work. Dates may vary due to onsite delays. Our site team will update you as works progress. Please talk to a member of our staff on site if you need help – talking to our staff can solve most issues.

Resident access

Access for residents will be maintained when it is safe to do so, there may be times vehicle access to your property is restricted. There will be a foreman onsite who will liaise with residents to minimise inconvenience. Please talk to a member of our staff on site if you need help – talking to our staff can solve most issues. There will be no access for pedestrians or cyclists as there will be deep excavation across the width of the carriageway.

Roadworks during COVID-19 restrictions

We are carrying out these works in line with central government and COVID-19 safe working practises in accordance with the CLC Site Operating Procedures, endorsed by Public Health England.