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Stoke Crossroads, A25 Woodbridge, Guildford improvement scheme

Update 29 March

High friction surfacing 1 and 2 April nights

  • The closure will be in place from 8pm until 6am
  • High friction surfacing needs to be laid on all approaches of the junction
  • The switchover of the lights at the A3 off-slip junction will be completed when the A3 off-slip works are completed in the Summer.

Completed tasks -

  • Resurfacing of the centre crossroad on 21 and 22 March.
  • Switchover of traffic lights has been completed to the new smart lights.
  • Pavement/cycleway widening works on the northern side of A25 Parkway (outside the Hotel) have now begun during the day-time. Lane closures are in use.
  • Traffic light works are on-going at night under lane/road closures.
  • On the weekend of the 18/19 January, the improvement works on the A3 southbound slip-road begin – this scheme is being undertaken by Highways England

Scheme details

These works are being carried out at night.

There will be some road closures during the works, but these will be kept to a minimum.

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Proposed works plan

We intend to improve the junction by providing new/improved pedestrian/cyclist crossing facilities on all arms as well as the adjoining A3 southbound off-slip junction.

More details on the scheme include:

  • To improve and widen the existing pavements around the junction as well as the footway links to the A3 southbound off-slip junction.
  • To introduce intelligent traffic signalling at the crossroads that would prioritise approaching buses.
  • To convert the operation of the traffic signals at the crossroads and the A3 southbound off-slip into a single junction.

Details of the works

  • Mainly night working, under lane closure 8pm until 6am.
  • Some final resurfacing work will be done with road closures, this has been kept to a minimum.
  • A temporary traffic signal system that replicates the existing system will be deployed during the works.
  • All emergency vehicles will be allowed through the works.
  • Diversions to be put in place where needed - The official diversion will be signed, this has to account for HGVs and low bridges, but we expect locals to use shorter routes.

Scheme background

There is no easy way to cross Stoke Crossroads for pedestrians and cyclists. The junction gets very busy and can get congested. Some cyclists prefer to cross the road instead of using the existing footbridge

This scheme has been modelled and tested for suitability and the results of the modelling indicate that it will have a beneficial effect on traffic. This is due to the operation of the crossroads and the A3 southbound off-slip as a single junction. Other features include:

  • New crossing points will only be active when the traffic has been stopped at the junctions – Pedestrians etc will not be able to override the sequencing of the lights and stop traffic.
  • The lights will detect late buses and allow them through.

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