Roadworks help

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Why can't I see any roadworks on the map?

You can view more information on the roadworks map by changing the following settings:

  • You can change the date range in the top left-hand box (the options are 2 weeks (default), 3 months or 12 months).
  • To display roadworks symbols, type the postcode or location of roadworks into the search box (under the date range) or zoom in to the area of Surrey you wish to view. Alternatively, if you are already zoomed in, zoom out to view entire road to display roadworks symbols.
  • To view information about roadworks, click on the symbols.

Why do the dates for roadworks keep changing?

Work can be delayed due to:

  • adverse weather
  • availability of crews
  • sudden emergency works elsewhere
  • availability of, or problems with, machinery.

I can see dates on the map but works haven't started on time?

The dates shown in the information pop out on the roadworks map are often for the duration of the permit and not necessarily how long the works will take such as a permit may be for three days when the works will only take one. This is to allow for flexibility.

Work can be delayed for the reasons shown in the answer to the question above.

Can I have access to my drive/road during works?

This will depend on the type of works being carried out and on the different stages of the works. Speak to the team on site to ask them if you need access at a specific time to find out if this is possible.

Why has one section of the road/pavement been repaired and not another?

A road/pavement has to meet our criteria for repair. It may be that only part of the road or pavement meets our criteria and so, to ensure we can meet the high demand for repairs in the county, we will fix only the part that requires repair.

How do I report a pothole, crack, or other issue with my road and will you fix it?

You can report a pothole or a cracked road surface online and if it meets our criteria, it will be investigated and the appropriate action taken.

Why haven't you fixed the pothole/cracked road that I have reported?

Reports that fail to meet our criteria will not be fixed,. The criteria helps us decide if a reported fault is dangerous, likely to become dangerous or does not pose a risk. This helps us concentrate our resources where they are most needed to protect Surrey's road users. If it does not meet the criteria, we won't do the work but we may continue to monitor the fault to see if it gets any worse. Read the full criteria for how we prioritise road and pavement maintenance.

How do I make an enquiry or a complaint about roadworks?

First of all, find out who is responsible for the works, you can find this information on the roadworks map by searching using the postcode or location of the roadworks and then selecting the relevant symbol to display information about the works.

Contact utility companies directly about anything to do with their roadworks.

You can use our online form to report a Surrey County Council roadworks problem, including telling us about a roadworks sign left on site.