Reigate Road A240, Epsom – Night time tree works

Update 19 April

Works started Monday 12 April and will be completed Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 April overnight.

The work here is due to Ash Die Back, the trees have become dangerous and must be felled so that they do not pose a threat to road users.

Why are we doing the works now?

These works had been postponed from earlier this year, due to lack of road availability. Our contractors have undertaken a number of days works during the day, along this stretch, to remove what we could without temporary traffic management before the night works commenced.

The works are high priority safety works, due to Ash die back. The groups of trees have been monitored for the last 3 years, as part of our Ash die back programme.

Have the trees been cut down due to lack of maintenance? Or from ivy on them?

Ivy on trees is rarely responsible for killing trees, but ivy will often grow on trees which are already deteriorating. Surrey County Council will strip ivy, in order to facilitate an inspection of a tree, but not as general tree maintenance works.

Why was there no notification for the works?

I must apologise that on this occasion the communication to residents was not how we would usually do it.

Why do the works have to be carried out at night?

The works have to be carried out at night due to the strategic importance of the road, and it is not possible to close the road during the day.

Can the works be carried out under a lane closure during the day?

Due to the nature of Ash trees, they are susceptible to 'shattering', when they are cut or felled. For this reason, a larger working area is required, hence why a full road closure has been necessary. As this is a traffic sensitive road the closure can only be put on at night.