Pendleton Road, Redhill – experimental HGV weight restriction

What we are planning?

We are planning to install an experimental 18 tons weight restriction on Pendleton Road, Redhill. This is due to safety concerns about larger vehicles using Pendleton Road, particularly where the road narrows and bends outside St. John's church.

Why is it an experimental weight restriction?

The weight restriction will be experimental at first because whenever a weight restriction is installed in one road, this could impact on other roads in the area as HGVs will use alternative routes. It is important to ensure that any restriction on Pendleton Road does not create significant road safety issues on other roads that will be used by HGVs as a result of this restriction, prior to installing any weight restriction permanently.

Why an 18 tons restriction?

Pendleton Road is used by HGVs to access residential streets to the north of Pendleton Road, such as Somerset Road, Cronks Hill Road and many others. The aim of the weight restriction is to prevent larger HGVs using Pendleton Road as a through route and thereby improving road safety, particularly along the section outside St. John's church. Other, smaller HGVs that need to use Pendleton Road will still have access to residential properties etc. Therefore 18 tons is the most appropriate experimental weight restriction for Pendleton Road.

What next?

All weight restrictions that are installed on public highways involve more than the installation of road signs and require a legal document to comply with necessary regulations. This legal document and locations of regulatory signs must be carefully designed, checked and advertised. This process is currently underway for the experimental weight restriction on Pendleton Road, and this page will be updated once there is any further information.

Files available to download