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New Road, Chilworth drainage works for new development

Road Closure 26 October for one week

New Road, Chilworth will be closed for essential drainage work for their new development at 74-88 New Road, Chilworth, Guildford GU4 8LU.

  • The works are being carried out between 72-76 New Road, Chilworth
  • The works will start on Saturday 26 October 2019.
  • The works are expected to last 7 days with a 24 hour closure in place for the entire duration.
  • Advanced warning signs and a letter drop have been carried out.
  • The road will have a hard closure, and no access will be maintained for emergency vehicles.

What are the works for?

This is a private new development project and is being undertaken by Towerview Property.

Contractors contact details;

Sun Traffic Ltd, Sun Towers, 11 Cary Court, Somerton Business Park, Somerset TA11 6SB

(T): 0845 123 0111

A diversion route (PDF) will be signed and will be the same in reverse (PDF)

We thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation during these essential works.

If you have any questions about the scheme, please feel free to contact Towerview Property – 01202 862 700

Frequently asked questions

Is the road closure necessary?

Yes, the application has been submitted for a full road closure by Tower View Property Group. The main sewer for the area is positioned close to the centre of the carriageway. The contractor is required to excavate to make the sewer connection from the new development out into the carriageway. Due to the size of excavation and depth it will be unsafe to allow any vehicles through the works area. Therefore the closure will require a full 24/7 closure.

What is the diversion route?

New Road is classified as an A class road and as such we are responsible to find a suitable diversion route on A class roads.

The route will be –

  • Follow the A248 East bound along New Road , Dorking Road, Chilworth Road, Albury Street, Sherbourne.
  • Left out onto the A25 Shere Road to Clandon Cross Roads.
  • Left A25 Towards Guildford, Epsom Road, A246 Epsom Road Waterden Road, York Road.
  • Roundabout with Onslow Street A322 to Millbrook
  • Following onto the A281 Shalford Road, The Street, Horsham Road
  • Taking the A248 Kings Road, Christmas Hill then
  • Left A248 New Road to closure.
  • Return route to include the Guildford Gyratory system

These can be viewed online - the diversion route (PDF) and the reverse route (PDF)

Why is the diversion so long? Won't drivers use local 'rat runs' instead?

New Road is classified as an A class road and as such we are responsible to find a suitable diversion route on A class roads. we have to have a like for like diversion, with New Road being an A road the official signed diversion has to be on A roads. We cannot mitigate for driver behaviour or for the alternate routes drivers choose to take. Additional signs have been placed away from the closure to allow drivers to navigate away from the area in advance.

Why is the work being done now, it will cause congestion in the local area?

The contractor is different from the developer of the site. All parties know the disruption that this road closure will cause to the area.

The contractor will make every effort to complete the works earlier than the end date provided.

The works have been programmed to take place during school holidays rather outside of these times hopefully by doing so has reduced some of the traffic movement. At the first submission the contractor requested 2 weeks of closure however through our negotiations this has been reduced to Saturday to Saturday with an indication of an earlier finish Depending on what they find during excavations.

Do emergency services and local buses know?

With all works in Surrey of this nature our Works Communication Team advise all necessary parties or any works, including closures. The list of contacts includes passenger transport for the buses, school transport services, emergency services including the fire, police and ambulances. The list also includes local councillors, parish councillors, borough councillors and any interested parties that have asked to go onto the list.

If this will affect your bus journeys please contact you local bus operator.

Files available to download