Lockfield Drive, Woking – Pedestrian bridge repairs

What will we be doing?

We will be undertaking repair works to the western pedestrian bridge that runs above Lockfield Drive, Woking. The works are being undertaken to prolong the life of the bridge and to ensure the ongoing safety of the public. Our work will focus on four areas:

  • Strengthening of the structure – this will involve concrete repairs and reinforcement of the pier columns
  • Upgrading the joints between bridge sections
  • Resurfacing of the bridge
  • Replacement of the guard rails

Works details

  • Start date: 21 September 2020
  • Duration: Approximately 13 weeks
  • Traffic management: Road and pedestrian bridge closure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Road closure

Lockfield Drive will be closed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the duration of our works. The road will be closed in both directions from the Robinhood Roundabout to Bampton Way. The junction of Lockfield Drive and Bampton Way will remain open and unaffected during our works.

Why is the road closed?

The road needs to be closed to ensure the safety of the travelling public as well as the team working on site. As work is going to be taking place above the road it would be unsafe to allow traffic to flow underneath the bridge. The road closure is also required to create an area for machinery and materials to be stored safely during the works. For this reason we will not be able to reopen the road after work has finished each day as it would be prohibitive to remove all the machinery and materials each night and bring them back in the morning, therefore the closure will need to remain in place 24 hours a day.

We do acknowledge that closing the road for 13 weeks is going to be disruptive for drivers and residents, however we would appreciate your understanding and patience while we complete these vital repair works.

What is the diversion?

Traffic will be diverted via the following routes:

  • Clockwise - A324 Robinhood Roundabout, C145 Lockfield Drive, C12 Littlewick Road, A3046 Chobham Road, A3046 Kettlewell Hill, A3046 Chobham Road, A324 Lockfield Drive.
  • Anti-clockwise - A324 Lockfield Drive, A3046 Chobham Road A3046, Kettlewell Hill, A3046 Chobham Road, C12 Littlewick Road, C145 Lockfield Drive, A324 Robinhood Roundabout.

Pedestrian bridge closure

The western pedestrian bridge running above Lockfield Drive (between Greythorne Road and Copse Road) will be completely closed while we carry out our repair works. Pedestrians are advised to follow the signed diversion route.