Jacks Bridge repairs on East Grinstead Road, Lingfield

Update 5 October

These works have been delayed. This is due to our team finding a live gas main in the works area that was not on our plans.

We have been working to find the best solution, and are arranging gas pipe diversion works under a road closure.

We will update this page with more information and a start date for the bridge works once we are able.

What are we doing?

We are carrying out repair works to the structure, parapet and edge of carriageway on the bridge that crosses Eden Brook stream on East Grinstead Road.

Duration: To be confirmed as work has been subject to a delay.

These works are being carried out under traffic lights.

Why are we doing the works now?

This repair site has been subjected to several vehicle collisions recently resulting in extensive damage to the carriageway embankment. Due to the close proximity of working in a stream, it is important that the works are carried out during the spring/summer months when water levels are manageable. Although the programme of work is 9 weeks, where time saving can be made we will endeavour to achieve this.

Will the road be closed during the scheme?

No, we will now be carrying out the works under lights. We have taken residents feedback on board and have changed from the original road closure.

Will there be pedestrian and cyclist access?

Yes, pedestrian and cyclist access will be maintained

What works are we carrying out?

Removal and rebuilding embankment, installation of kerbing, fencing and carriage way resurfacing. These involve the removal existing bank in stream, Rebuild with concrete bag wall, replacing existing kerbing with Trief kerbs and installing a post and rail system.