Guildford traffic hotspots scheme at Guildford Road, Normandy

Project overview:

In 2018 Guildford Borough Council identified three key junctions as traffic 'hotspots' where peak time queues cause significant delays. The Guildford Hotspots project aims to reduce traffic congestion at these 'hotspots.' One of these junctions was the A323 Guildford Road and A324 Pirbright Road junction.

Currently there is one lane for traffic travelling from the Ash direction towards the Guildford and Pirbright directions where traffic must queue at the Guildford Road and Pirbright Road traffic signals.

Proposed improvements:

This scheme proposes adding an additional lane for the Pirbright direction and a new controlled pedestrian crossing facility at the junction of A323 Guildford Road and A324 Pirbright Road.

Preparation works and proposed timeline:

Trial holes, surveys and tree work (lifting canopies) have a provisional start date of 26 October, with the main work being planned to start in January 2021 for up to 12 weeks.