Guildford Quality Bus Corridors - Woodbridge Road improvements

Update 30 September

Works are mostly complete, however we will be returning to site to install new posts and signs and carry out some lining work next month.

Update 29 June

Start date, duration and traffic management

These works will start on Monday 19 July and last three weeks.

19 July - 1 August

The work will be carried out under lane closures. These will be in place 24 hours a day seven days a week. Please allow extra time for journeys.

2 August - 6 August

We will close the southbound road overnight, from 8pm to 6am.

We will make sure you can get to and from your house or business when it is safe to do so. Please talk to a member of our staff on site if you need help – talking to our staff can solve most issues.

What are we doing?

We will be extending the southbound bus lane from the roundabout at Stocton Close to the junction with Gardner Road, creating a continuous bus lane on Woodbridge Road, Guildford. We will also be making safety improvements, including realigning the carriageway under the railway bridge to prevent bridge strikes. This is part of the quality bus corridor improvements that are taking place across Guildford for the next 12 months.

This work will significantly improve a major bus congestion point under the railway bridge. In order to complete these works, on street parking bays along the western side of Woodbridge Road need to be reconfigured, with a slight reduction in the number of available spaces - although the results of a results of a parking survey on Woodbridge Road (PDF) show that this will still provide enough capacity based on existing demand.

Why are we doing the works?

Surrey County Council is looking to improve bus journey times around Guildford, as part of its commitment to sustainable transport. We are

  • Making buses easier to use for everyone – with improved, accessible bus stops and live information screens at the stop and on the bus,
  • Making buses faster, with more punctual journeys – we've redesigned streets and installed smart traffic lights to keep your bus on time and beat the traffic.
  • Improving your bus stop waiting environments – we've improved bus stops along a number of important bus routes, by providing shelters with seating and lighting.

Woodbridge Road has been identified as a 'pinch point' on the local highway network, where buses are experiencing delays due to congestion. Improvement works in this scheme focus upon addressing the congestion issues at these points through a variety of strategies such as intelligent bus priority, junction improvements and bus lane provision.

Guildford experiences high volumes of car traffic, which is likely to increase further with future development unless alternative modes of transport are invested in. This project will help make bus travel more viable for residents by improving journey times, punctuality and reliability. A rise in patronage means a fall in the number of private vehicles on Guildford's highway network, hence helping to reduce congestion. Features such as bus lanes make bus travel more appealing, especially on congested routes. Buses can become a quicker and more efficient method of travel into Guildford than the car.

Making bus travel a more attractive means to travel to Guilford town centre will help de-carbonise journeys in and around Guildford as more residents opt to replace journeys otherwise made in a private vehicle. Surrey County and Guildford Borough Councils have declared a climate emergency, as a result of which the council have committed to becoming net zero carbon by 2050. The GQBC project is one of many projects which will help achieve this feat. This project will also help improve air quality in Guildford town centre.

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