Farnham Park path in Farnham reconstruction works

What are we doing?

Starting Monday 5 June we are reconstructing the path in Farnham Park. The works will be carried out in three sections. We will place signs on site to keep you updated of works and which sections will be worked on.

Section one:

South east entrance from Bear Lane to White Bottom South

Section two:

The swallow hole to the Ranger's House

Section three:

The Rangers house to the end of the path at Nutshell Lane.

The works

Once a section is being worked on, it will be permanently closed during our works. We will have signed diversions out on site, but please note there will be accessible routes on pavements. Due to this, there will be lengthy delays and considerable time added to any journey.

The park can continue to be enjoyed during this time and please be mindful of protected areas and alternate routes that you may choose.

Our specialist team will be repairing the swallow hole, this is between the football pitches and the Rangers House. We have our teams working on a solution and will include this as part of the scheme. However, these works are dependent on specialist external solutions, and we may have to return at a later date to complete these repairs.

We are working with the local borough and countryside ranger as well as the local Councillor and community on this project.

Frequently asked questions

What protection or due diligence is in place for protected species in the area such as Great Crested Newts, Slow Worms and Stag Beetles?

Surrey Highways has been working with the Farnham Park Ranger and all has been done to minimise the impact on these species.

What is happening with the Swallow Hole section? Will this delay the works?

The whole route will be repaired. The section by the Swallow Hole is the most technically challenging. A specialist design company has been engaged. They are working on a detailed design for the work. This will not delay our works. We will proceed with the project as planned. If the design company come up with a detailed plane and can source materials in time then the work in the Swallow Hole will be carried out with the rest of the path works. If not, then the team will come back at a later date. It is very important we get the design right and that this part is not rushed.

Why is the path not being widened to include a cycle path?

The park has archaeological and ecological constraints on how wide the path can be. Therefore a decision was made for it to stay a pedestrian path only. The path passes through a veteran tree glen and this needs to be protected.


The park is a hugely valuable community resource, as well as environmentally significant. The path is well used by those walking to work, for leisure and as a key network between Farnham and Hale. It is necessary to do the work on the path in the better weather, which is most inconvenient for those seeking to make the most of the nice weather to be outside. There is an alternative tarmac path, but it will be a long way round. The Friends of Farnham Park exist in part to ensure its preservation as a wild space, so keeping those spaces safe from intrusion is important to the Friends.