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Claygate Lane sustainability and safety improvement scheme

Introduction to the scheme

Claygate Lane, Hinchley Wood is a D-class residential road that has a 30mph speed limit and a series of traffic calming features. It provides a route between A309 Kingston By-Pass and A307 Portsmouth Road. Along with residential properties, the road is also fronted by large primary and secondary schools and a church.

Local residents have expressed concerns about road safety and vehicle speeds for a number of years, including a petition to the Elmbridge Local Committee in December 2015.

What are we doing?

Improved facility for pedestrians and cyclists along Claygate Lane

Whilst speeds are low and collisions few in number, it is acknowledged that, with the number of pupils at the two schools, the provision for pedestrians and cyclists is inadequate.

We will be widening of the footway running along the eastern side of Claygate Lane to 3 metres. Currently, the footway is 1.5 metres wide in places and with the grass verge immediately adjacent to it worn free of grass, it is evident that the existing width is inadequate for the number of pedestrians.

By widening the footway to 3 metres, the footway can then become a shared footway/cycleway, providing a good facility to many vulnerable road users, whilst still retaining much of the verges.

The removal of some trees will be necessary, however planting of saplings in other verges to compensate will take place in the planting season at the end of the year.

Improved crossing facility on Manor Road North

We will be creating a raised zebra crossing on Manor Road North to increase safety and allow more pedestrians priority over vehicles

Improved crossing facility for school crossing patrol

A school crossing patrol currently exists crossing Claygate Lane (east-west) just south of the junction with Chesterfield Drive. At present, the patrol makes use of the dropped kerbs designed for the north-south crossing and encourages people to walk over a grass verge. Whilst this patrol crossing has been working successfully for many years, we will be creating a new separate crossing point that is slightly away from the junction. This will result in reduced crossing distance and will be more suitable for people who have reduced mobility, visual impairment, as well as those with pushchairs.

Work details

Start date

We expect these works to commence in June 2019. Some work is planned to take place before the summer holidays, however we will limit the disruption to the schools by working only during school hours, ensuring that the site is clear for drop off and pick up times.

The majority of the works will take place during the summer holidays, this will include some footway and road closures.


We expect this work to take 3-4 months to complete.

We will update this page with further details once they have been confirmed.