Caterham on the Hill and Old Coulsdon flood protection programme

Following the flood event in June 2016, we have met with residents and begun working together to reducing flood risk, by raising priority issues directly with the responsible authorities.

The Caterham on the Hill and Old Coulsdon flood reduction programme brings together the flood mitigation work being carried out by the authorities in the Caterham Hill and Old Coulsdon catchment.

Collaborative work is being carried out by Surrey County Council, London Borough of Croydon, Tandridge District Council, Thames Water Utilities Limited, the Environment Agency, Atkins Limited and the Caterham Hill and Old Coulsdon Flood Action Group.

Consultation webinar - completed July 2020

This online meeting was open to everyone who has an interest in the work being undertaken to reduce the flood risk in Caterham on the Hill and Old Coulsdon. We were particularly keen to encourage the participation of people who have properties that are at risk of flooding.

It was organised by Surrey County Council with support from Tandridge District Council, the London Borough of Croydon, the Environment Agency and Thames Water. Atkins, who have been commissioned to do flood risk assessment work, presented their findings and options.

The meeting provided updates on the flood risk management activities that have been undertaken in Caterham on the Hill and Old Coulsdon since the Floods in June 2016.

We explained the options being considered and sought your views.

We were particularly keen to explain, discuss and get an idea of the interest in Property Flood Resilience measures and how these could be used to protect individual properties from flooding.

In addition, there are wider, whole community, flood risk management measures to be considered.

There is also a project in Caterham on the Hill and Old Coulsdon that is looking at whole community flood risk planning in the long term and how the effects of climate change may impact on your community. We will be having more conversations about this that we're hoping to run later in the year.

Residents survey - closed July 2020

We wrote to residents regarding flood risk to their property and how that risk could be reduced through Property Flood Resistance (PFR). This PFR project forms part of the wider programme of flood reduction interventions being planned in the area.

We have been working in collaboration with the above people to identify ways of managing flood risk and how flooding impacts can be reduced in the area in Caterham Hill and in Old Coulsdon.

One element of this work is exploring the use of building technology which can help prevent water entering properties at risk of surface water flooding. Some examples include self-sealing flood doors and air brick covers; these are known as PFR measures. Some properties have been identified as at a higher risk of flooding and eligible for a PFR assessment to see if this technology is suitable.

We will be applying for funding from the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), to help pay towards these PFR measures. Before applying we need to understand how many of the eligible properties would be interested in the PFR scheme.

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