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C56 Church Lane and B2033 Headley Common Road, Headley

Estimated duration

6 January 2020 to 5 November 2020

Reason for works

Replacement of 2800 metres of trunk water main to secure safe and reliable drinking water supplies to homes and businesses.

Works are required as large parts of the water mains in this area were laid in the late Victorian era and the pipes are now reaching the end of their operational life.

The replacement of the water mains will start on Church Lane at the junction with Hurst Lane and will move along Church Lane and Headley Common Road to the junction with Pebble Close

Traffic management

Phase 1: Closure of Church Lane from the junction with Hurst Lane to the junction with Tott Hill.

Phase 2: Two-way temporary traffic signals on Headley Common Road moving southbound from the junction with Tott Hill to the junction with Pebble Close. As the works progress there may be the need to remove the temporary traffic signals and close Headley Common Road.

Road closures will only be used in the event that it is not possible provide the required legal distances for vehicles to pass the works.

Further information and updates on this scheme can be found on the SES Water website.