Brooklands Business Park accessibility project

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Heath Road, Weybridge – cycleway improvements

Scheme complete

We have constructed a shared use pedestrian and cycle path along Heath Road, Weybridge between Weybridge Station and Brooklands Lane. This will provide a wide path, separated from traffic that both pedestrians and cyclists can use to improve sustainable travel options in the area as well as accessibility to and from Weybridge Station.

Brooklands Business Park Accessibility Project

This scheme is part of a wider project which includes a second route being planned between Weybridge Station and the Brooklands Community Park scheduled for construction later in 2020. It also includes work to widen the pedestrian refuge areas near the entrance to Weybridge Station – the majority of this work was completed in December 2019.

Further information about the wider project, including other scheme components which are currently in progress, is available on the Elmbridge Major Transport Schemes webpage