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Broadway Road, Windlesham - drainage improvement scheme

Update on the Broadway Road drainage scheme

Can the scheme be delayed?

Unfortunately we cannot delay the scheme due to the safety risk caused by the road flooding. Safety of road users must take precedence over inconvenience to road users, although we fully appreciate residents' concerns.

Highways England are funding the project as a significant proportion of the surface water originates from the M3. The funding is only available for the Financial year 2019/20 so unfortunately the works must have been completed before the end of March 2020.

The next date road space is available is 6 January so this is the best opportunity to get the work done.

Can you work at night to reduce the scheme duration?

Night time working is not possible due to the nature of the works, there will be deep excavations. Temporary traffic lights cannot be used instead of a road closure for the same reason.

Extended works hours/Saturday working

The team will be working 8am – 5:30pm. We have looked at extending this to include Saturdays but we do not feel that it would reduce the duration of the works enough to justify the increase in cost. However, we will look at opportunities to reduce the duration as the works progress. If there are any delays to the project we will look at Saturday working again.

What is the diversion route?

There will be a signed diversion route in place (PDF)

How will road users know of the works?

We will ensure advance warning signs are installed before the Christmas break to give drivers plenty of notice. Information leaflets will be delivered to properties and businesses most affected by the closure next week.

We will also publish information on social media on the Surrey Heath Local Committee accounts in advance of and during the works.

Are there restricted hours you can work on the road?

For information this road is not classed as a traffic sensitive as defined by the New Roads And Street Works Act 1991 and so there are no limits to the times at which road works can be carried out.