A248 Albury Park Bridge, Sherbourne, Albury - closure due to failed culvert

Update 13 September:

Works are now underway to replace the damaged culvert and we are aiming to reopen the road on Friday 18 September.


On 27 July, as an emergency response to a void that appeared in the road over Albury Park Bridge, the road was closed to traffic - from the A25 junction down to the south side of the bridge, at the junction with New Road.

On 5 August, the bridge was also closed to pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians.

Variable messaging signs (VMS) have been placed in addition to normal diversion signage and a shuttle bus service is also in place.

The hole that appeared in the road was unfortunately an indication of a bigger issue below, caused by a failing culvert which now needs replacing. This means excavations across the whole width of the road - therefore the bridge is now impassable for all.

Works progress to date:

  • We have had a contractor on site for some time now carrying out investigations, damming the water flow to the culvert and now excavating to remove the old brick pipe.
  • The hard closure covers the whole bridge and adjacent footbridge. There remains full access to the 3 properties along Sherbourne from the A25. Residents and deliveries/collections to these properties (and the Church if/when it opens) can only turn in from the A25 if travelling eastbound. This is due to the cones/signage on the westbound filter lane.
  • Chicanes and additional signage were put in place (at convenient turning spots) to forewarn drivers of the closure and avoid congestion. There is a notice at the A25 junction to give cyclists/pedestrians advanced warning that the footway is also closed.