A31 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Project

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Scheme overview

The A31 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) project has been in the planning and development process for a number of months and aims to improve the drainage and resilience of sections of the A31 network (including some vegetation clearance). This project is being partly funded by the Enterprise M3 LEP and the objective is to mitigate the effects of major flooding events in the future. The project is being delivered in several phases some of which include drainage improvements, repairs and carriageway surfacing.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Improving overall road safety for road users
  • Reducing the likelihood of surface water flooding
  • Prolonging the life of the carriageway
  • Helping to deliver economic prosperity in Surrey

Upcoming drainage work

A31 Farnham Bypass, Farnham (eastbound only)

  • Location: Eastbound approach to Shepherd and Flock roundabout
  • Start date: 2 November 2020

Upcoming surfacing work

Shepherd and Flock Roundabout, Farnham

  • Location: The Shepherd and Flock Roundabout and some of it's adjoining roads
  • Traffic management: Road closure, from 8pm to 6am
  • Start date and duration: 17 November, for 9 nights

Additional surfacing work

As part of our additional investment towards the A31 LEP project, funding from our Major Maintenance budget will be allocated for surfacing of Shepherd and Flock.

Traffic management: Surfacing works will be carried out under night time lane and road closures from 8pm – 6am.

Completed drainage and carriageway surfacing works

A31 Alton Road, Farnham - surfacing

  • Location: from the Coxbridge Roundabout to the Hampshire County boundary
  • Dates: 13 July to 31 July 2020

A31 Alton Road, Farnham (eastbound and westbound) - drainage

  • Location: from the Coxbridge Roundabout to the Hampshire county boundary and Farnham Bypass eastbound 530 metres east of the Coxbridge roundabout
  • Dates: 27 April to 13 July 2020

A31 Hogs Back, Puttenham (eastbound) - drainage

  • Location: 600 metres west of the Puttenham Hill slip
  • Dates: 24 June to 29 June 2020

A31 Farnham Bypass (eastbound) - drainage

  • Location: Approximately 550 metres east of Coxbridge Roundabout
  • Dates: 22 June to 24 June

A31 Hogs Back, Puttenham (westbound) - drainage

  • Location: Approximately 310 metres west of Puttenham Hill junction
  • Dates: 22 June to 24 June 2020

A31 Runfold Diversion, Tongham - drainage

  • Location: Slip road of A331 Blackwater Valley/ A31 Hogs Back interchange
  • Dates: 12 June

A31 Hogs Back (westbound) - surfacing

  • Location: East of the cafĂ© to west of 'Cedarfield'
  • Dates: 14 August to 29 August 2019

A31 Hogs Back/Farnham Road - surfacing

  • Location: Down Lane to A3 slip road
  • Dates: 1 to 2 and 7 to 14 August 2019

Frequently asked questions

It's a very long road, how are these works going to be carried out?

The works will be carried out in sections and the anticipated dates and locations will be published on this website prior to works commencing.

What hours will you be working?

Most of our drainage works will be carried out during the day time under lane closures. Works will take place from 7:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 5pm on Saturdays.

The lane closures will remain in place 24 hours a day for the duration of the works. There may be some road closures required on surrounding roads to facilitate the works on the A31.

Advanced notice will be provided on this web page and via advanced warning signs and leaflets prior to any closures needed for these drainage works.

Will there be any road closures required?

Road closures will be required for the surfacing work. We will try to limit the disruption these closures will cause by undertaking this work on weeknights.

Most drainage improvement works will be conducted under lane closures during the day.

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