Major schemes taking place on the A31

Update - Works delayed until 9 July

Due to recent and forecast wet weather the works that were originally scheduled to start 2 July on the A31 bridge over the Runfold slip roads, have been delayed and will now start Friday 9 July.

The initial preparation works for this scheme requires the bridge deck to be dry, as well as a long period of dry weather to ensure the new waterproofing layer does not fail prematurely.

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A31 bridge repair works

Why are we doing the work?

The current expansion joints have reached the end of their expected lifespan, and as the sub surface drainage is over 25 years old, inspection works carried out earlier in the year indicated that repairs were necessary to ensure the new joints and resurfacing perform as expected.

What are we doing?

We are replacing the expansion joints, repairing the sub surface drainage, and resurfacing the bridge decks on the bridges which carry the A31 over the Runfold slip roads.

Start date, times and traffic management

Update - 2 July: Due to recent and forecast wet weather the start date of these works has been moved to 9 July

These works will be carried out under a road closure from 9 July to 13 August. The road closures will work as follows:

  • Weeknight road closure: Mondays to Thursdays, 8pm to 6am
  • Weekend road closure: from 8pm Friday night to 6am Monday morning

Closure area

The A31 will be closed at the bridges which cross the A331 interchange


The short diversion will require drivers in both directions to exit the A31 at the Runfold slip roads and the re-join the A31 from the A331 interchange roundabout.

Why are we closing the road?

The works extend across the full width of the carriageway. The road is not wide enough to allow traffic to safely pass the works if we were to do one half at a time.

By keeping the road closed at the weekend, we can carry out multiple tasks with different specialist contractors across both days and nights, without having to use some of the time to make temporary repairs to enable us to remove the signs and cones as we would if we only closed the road at night.

A full closure at this location adds very little time to a journey, and because it separates road users and workers completely, it is safer for all.

Working at night provides more time for works to take place between rush hours, and the amount of traffic affected by the diversion is typically reduced.

In this particular location, there are few residents to be inconvenienced by the noise of our works overnight, and no access to businesses or properties will be affected.

A31 and A331 Guildford traffic hotspots scheme

The Guildford Hotspots project aims to reduce traffic congestion at the A331 and A31 junction in Tongham. More information on what this work involves can be found on our dedicated Guildford traffic hotspots webpage.

Preparation works including ground penetrating radar surveys and site clearance were completed in January. A start date for the main construction works will be confirmed at a later date.