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A217 Reigate Hill retaining wall replacement project

We are planning to repair the 240m long retaining wall that runs along the A217 Reigate Hill and replace the vehicle barrier that is supported by it.

Works are provisionally scheduled to start August 2020 for up to 16 weeks. There will be a closure of the Southbound A217 at the exit from the M25 J8 roundabout for the duration of the works.

We will be working with the successful Contractor to accelerate the works and reduce the overall duration as much as possible. We have scheduled the works for the warmer, drier months of the year where the days are longer to maximise our chances of completing the works quickly.

Please note: The Contractor for the works has not yet been appointed and therefore the start date and duration have yet to be confirmed.

Why are these works essential?

The existing structure has been degraded by a combination of accident damage, erosion caused by water runoff, and the weight of heavy goods vehicles using the road.

Originally built in 1972, it is no longer fit for purpose, and whilst the temporary concrete barrier that has been placed on the footway provides protection from vehicle impact, it does not address the continued degradation of the structure, so a permanent repair is essential to ensure the A217 remains safe for all road users.

Why is a Southbound closure the best option?

Temporary traffic lights, a full closure, narrowing the carriageway to two lanes and night works were all considered, but these would all be either more disruptive, or less safe, than a closure in one direction for the duration of the works.

This is due to the potential for traffic queues onto the M25 J8 roundabout and Reigate town centre at peak times, a lack of physical space to construct the new wall safely and an unacceptable increase in the amount of time required to construct the scheme, with inevitable disruption to residents and road users.