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A217 Brighton Road traffic light refurbishment works

Update 15 January

Our team have been on site and have changed the temporary traffic lights on the A217 northbound. This was in response to requests from the public. We are continuing to monitor the traffic light sequences.

We will update this page with more information once we have it.

These works are to install new improved traffic lights at the junction of the A217 and Garratts Lane. The old traffic lights were in poor condition.

We are aware the frustration these works are causing. We can advise that:

  • The slip road off the A217 has been closed to reduce the safety risks.
  • We have asked our team to adjust the temporary traffic lights as much as possible in response to the enquiries from the public.
  • Temporary traffic lights can never be as "intelligent" or flexible as permanent traffic lights so there will be disruption to traffic. Unfortunately there is a limit to the adjustment that is possible on temporary traffic lights. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
  • The temporary traffic lights cannot be removed outside of working hours because the permanent traffic lights have been removed. Without the temporary traffic lights there would be no traffic control. This would be unsafe
  • The expected working hours are as per the signs, but it is in everyone's interests for them to be working outside of these hours if they are able to or if they need to.
  • The actual hours they work will vary each day. Sometimes our team will be digging holes, but other times they might be working nearby such as in a van, or even at the depot, wiring up the signal heads or the controller. As the tasks vary from day to day the working hours are not fixed.
  • There is a temporary pedestrian crossing on one side of the junction which pedestrians can use to cross the A217. Pedestrians who would normally cross at the other crossing can walk up to this temporary crossing point.
  • There are no controlled temporary crossings on the side roads as there were not any on the existing permanent lights.

Files available to download