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Tree pruning near the road and pavement

Tree pruning is sometimes called pollarding. It's when growth from a tree is removed to show the tree's primary structure. The timescales for pruning varies between two and four years. If a tree's trunk is within 3.5 m of buildings they are pruned more frequently.

It is best to prune trees between late autumn and early spring.

We only prune trees when they are developing. We cannot start to prune a mature tree. We do this so that trees don't outgrow the space they occupy. We use the tree's species, age and size to decide if we will prune it

Trees that we prune: London plane, lime, common ash, horse chestnut, oak and occasionally beech.

Trees that we don't prune: crab apple, cherry, plum, pear, laburnum, silver birch.

We carry out annual maintenance on trees which block pavements and sight lines.

Our pruning programme has approximately 2000 trees. 500 trees are pruned a year. It takes four years to carry out all of this pruning.