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Fallen leaves

Fallen leaves on roads are cleared by your district or borough council.

Leaves on private land are cleared by the land owner.

Fallen leaves belong to whoever owns the land that they fall onto. Tree owners don't have to collect leaves that have fallen from their tree onto someone else's property. Tree owners also don't have to take back leaves that have been gathered from other properties.

It is unlawful to return fallen leaves back to someone else's land without their permission (this includes highway land such as the road and the paths and verges running alongside it).

Land owners or residents should never use a leaf blower (or other tool) to blow leaves from private land onto the road, pavements or grass verges. It is unlawful to blow leaves from private land onto the highway. It can block drains and cause a hazard to road users.

This also applies to other deposits including sap, fallen blossom, catkins, fruit, nuts, berries and cones.

If you are collecting leaves from around your trees, you should not deposit them in a pile around the base of the tree. This will create an environment that will harm your tree. Most garden waste can be composted safely away from the tree or taken to your local community recycling centre.