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Trees and shrubs near roads

We manage trees and shrubs near to the road to make sure that they are safe so they don't pose a risk to vehicles and pedestrians.

We look after the trees on highway land (public roads, pathways, pavements and verges beside them). We make sure that the owners of the land next to our roads keep their trees in a safe condition.

We don't look after trees on private roads. These are looked after by the property owners.

We will take action if:

  • There are broken, hanging, fallen or low branches next to the road
  • If a tree has fallen or collapsed
  • If a tree is blocking the road or footpath
  • If a tree blocks sight lines at road junctions
  • There are any trees that block street lights, pedestrian crossings or road signs
  • If a tree that may threaten to interfere with nearby buildings and structures.

Report a problem with vegetation