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Hedges, fences and walls

Roadside boundaries are generally the responsibility of the adjacent landowner.

Hedges and trees

The safety of people who use our roads is paramount and so it is important that adjacent landowners ensure their hedges are regularly cut back to the boundary with the highway and that trees do not overhang the highway to cause obstruction or potential danger to highway users. All cuttings should also be safely removed.

What is public land?

Public land is defined as land that is maintainable by Surrey County Council. This can include roads, grass verges and footpaths, which must be kept fully safe, clear and accessible at all times for all users.

If you report an overgrown or an overhanging tree or hedge to us that endangers or obstructs the passage of users of the highway, we will:

  • send a letter to the owner requesting that they cut it back and/or
  • serve the owner with a notice to do the work under Section 154 of the Highways Act 1980

Fences and walls

Fences and walls must be maintained in good repair by their owners to ensure that they are not a danger to road users.

Please report an unsafe wall or fence to us.

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