Drainage and flooding

Flooding can happen anywhere in Surrey, whether near to watercourses or not. Floods can even occur during summer months when thunderstorms trigger torrential downpours.

The drainage system sometimes can't cope with the magnitude of water that collects on surrounding surfaces, especially when they are already saturated with large quantities of water. In this case, even a small amount of additional rainfall can cause flooding.

Flooding can be caused by cracks in broken pipes owned by water companies and heavier than normal rainfall that causes water to run onto roads from fields and over-full rivers. It can also be caused by the collection of mud, leaves and other debris that block drains.

Report flooding, blocked drain or ditch online

If you think that the flood may be an emergency situation, please call our contact centre immediately instead of filling in the reporting form.

Who to contact to report problems with floods

Local borough or district councils

Environment Agency

The Yellow Fish Scheme

The yellow fish scheme is an Environment Agency project that builds on an international approach to protecting the environment. It involves stenciling a yellow fish symbol beside drains to remind people that any waste entering them may go directly to the nearest stream, river, lake, canal, beach or bathing water - causing pollution and killing wildlife.

The Environment Agency Yellowfish project is aimed at local communities to raise awareness about sources of water pollution and water quality.

Floods from a large river should be reported to the Environment Agency:

The Environment Agency posts flood alerts for the Thames region and South region.

Surrey County Council

We clean out drains that are blocked from the inside. If you think that a drain is blocked and might be the cause of a localised flood, please report the blocked drain.

Find out more about drains and how we clear them and see a list of frequently asked questions on our drains pages.

Water utility companies

Public sewer floods are the responsibility of the water companies should be reported to Thames Water or Southern Water depending on the area in which the flood is located.

To report a burst water pipe, please contact the relevant water company:

Flooding advice and weather forecasts

For advice on preparing for floods, protection against them and what to do during and after a flood, please see our flooding advice pages.

The Met Office posts weather information for Surrey including severe weather warnings.

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