Vaccination centres and roadworks

During this time of National restriction whilst we tackle a global pandemic, we wanted to clarify the impact COVID-19 is having on our roadworks.

Certain routes have been designated 'COVID-19 protected routes' due to a variety of reasons; access to hospitals, schools, testing or vaccination centres or key routes.

As always, we consider each permit application to work on the highway on a case-by-case basis and can then instruct what and when is undertaken to best mitigate disruption.

We therefore are still considering each application, even if it is on a COVID-19 protected route, we are not banning any work as a standard practice. If we agree to work that will impact a protected route, it will have been carefully coordinated to minimise impact as much as is possible.

As sites get added to the vaccination effort, we will take each route and location under consideration and take action as necessary.

You can look up COVID-19 related routes and sites on our dedicated Roadworks map.