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Repair of Tilford East Bridge on Tilford Street

Update 17 January - Footbridge closure unlikely

River levels are currently falling but continue to be monitored. A closure of the footbridge is currently unlikely, however if the situation changes and the river reaches a dangerous level we may have to temporarily close the footbridge. If the footbridge closes, a bus will be provided to shuttle pedestrians from one side of the bridge to the other. The bus would run this afternoon from 6pm - 11pm.

Please see details below about potential future closures of the temporary footbridge.

Fully closed for duration of the works

Tilford East Bridge will be closed from Monday 23 September.

Access for pedestrians and dismounted cyclists is being maintained via the temporary footbridge.

What does the scheme involve?

Refurbishment of Tilford East Bridge, which will include improving the durability of the structure's parapet, replacing all of the hidden oak beams with steel beams and repairing the stonework.

For the latest progress update please see the following:

Will the structure look different after the work is completed?

No, this is a scheduled monument and all work carried out by Surrey County Council has to conform to Historic England guidelines. A scheduled monument is an historic building or site that is included in the Schedule of Monuments kept by the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. Please see the Historic England website for more information about the bridge.

When did the works start?

We started work on the temporary footbridge over the River Wey in June, however complications caused by unmapped utility cables caused a nine week delay. Work recommenced 22 August.

Works on the main bridge structure will commence Monday 23 September. From this date, the bridge will be permanently closed until the completion of our works.

How long will the works take?

The scheme will be intricate requiring specialist and skilled contractors to repair the stone work as existing. We have strict conditions set out by Historic England under the schedule of monuments consents concerning dismantlement of the existing bridge and construction of the new one.

Therefore we anticipate the duration will be approximately 10 months long however this is yet to be confirmed. Where time savings can be made we will endeavour to do so.

What are the working hours?

The contract working week is Monday to Friday, however, where necessary the contractors will be working weekends.

Work is currently taking place to construct the temporary footbridge. During these works the bridge will be closed between 7.30am and 5pm, Monday - Friday. Access for pedestrians will be maintained during this phase of work.

Will there be a temporary footbridge for pedestrians to cross over the river during the works?

Yes, the temporary footbridge will be open for pedestrians and dismounted cyclists.

Footbridge closures in case of flooding

During significant rain fall events that cause the river level to rise, it may become necessary to close the temporary footbridge. Weather and river levels can be unpredictable so it may not be possible for us to publish an update as soon as the bridge is closed. The footbridge will close when river levels reach 1.70m. If you are concerned that the footbridge may close, we recommend that you regularly check the Government's Flood Information Service which provides updates on the current river level - when this indicates that the river level has reached 1.70m or above, the footbridge will be closed.

When the footbridge is closed a bus service will be provided to shuttle pedestrians from one side of the river to the other. They journey time will be approximately 11 minutes. The details of the bus service, including times of operation, will be provided here once they have been confirmed. As the bus service is reliant on availability of drivers there may be a delay between the footbridge closing and the service commencing.

How will equestrians cross the river during the works?

There will be no access through the river for equestrians. Access for equestrians will be maintained via a separate diversion route along BOAT 525 (Byway open to all traffic) or bridleway seven.

What permits are required for the scheme?

Permits have been obtained from both the Environment Agency and Historic England.

What will the diversion be for vehicles?

Following consultation with Tilford Parish Council, a diversion route has been agreed, as detailed below:

Vehicular traffic will be diverted via Tilford Road, Thursley Road, Farnham Road and Tilford Street or this route in reverse order.

Will the riverside car park be open for all to use during the works?

The parish council have kindly allowed us to use the carpark as the site compound for the duration of the scheme. There will be no access for other vehicle's during the project.

Will there be advanced warning notices and letters sent out in advance of the scheme?

Yes we will provide as much advanced notice as possible.

Will the river be available for paddling during the works?

Unfortunately the river will be closed during the scheme. This is for the safety of all.

I have a business, can I get a business rate reduction?

To be granted a business rate reduction there has to be a Material Change Circumstance (MCC) for the duration of a scheme.

As a general rule MCC would need to last at least six months before it is considered having an impact on the rateable value. This period can be shorter if the impact of the specific MCC is very severe.

For information about reduced business rates please contact the Valuation Office (part of the Inland Revenue) number on 0300 501 501 and then press option two and hold to speak to someone.

They will then advise you to register on their website where the application will be assessed for eligibility.

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