Mindenhurst, Deepcut ‘Princess Royal Barracks’ redevelopment project

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Update August 2023

Monday 4 September

Lakeside Nursery and Primary Academy opening and Midenhurst Road one-way operation.

Whats happening?

  • Lakeside Nursery and Primary Academy School are opening their doors on Thursday 7 September at the newly built school on Mindenhurst Road.
  • The environmental improvement roadworks on Deepcut Bridge Road will be starting on Monday 4 September, meaning that the Church Car Park will be closed


  • The transfer of Lakeside Nursery and Primary Academy will bring approximately 300 children to the new Mindenhurst School.
  • To help with additional pressure for on-street parking from parents' cars, and to ensure the safety of children during the construction of the environmental improvement road works in Deepcut village, a one-way system will be in place along Mindenhurst Road.


  • Mindenhurst Road will become a one-way road for traffic driving from the school to Forest Drive from Monday 4 September until summer next year. This will enable the temporary provision of car parking on the eastern side (school frontage) of Mindenhurst Road.
  • Parking bays will be laid out on the road surface. Parking will not be permitted in bus stops, on the zebra crossing or zig-zag markings, or where yellow lines are in place.
  • Southbound bus services will be diverted to Mindenhurst Road for the duration of the environmental improvement road works.

What is the Mindenhurst, Deepcut project?

The Princess Royal Barracks site has been declared surplus to Ministry of Defence requirements. As a result, the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) undertook a review of options for the redevelopment of Deepcut and the provision of a new training facility at Worthy Down.

The DIO then entered into a joint venture with Skanska for the redevelopment of the Princess Royal Barracks into a major residential-led mixed-use development.

Mindenhurst is a new neighbourhood in the village of Deepcut, Surrey. Situated on the site of the former Princess Royal Barracks, Mindenhurst will offer 1,200 new homes and essential local amenities including a new primary school, retail outlets, sports facilities, business premises, and over 69 hectares of public green space.

For environmental improvements in Mindenhurst, and more information and site works updates, please visit the Mindenhurst website.