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Everything you need to know about micro asphalt

What is Micro Asphalt?

Micro Asphalt surface treatment is a preventative maintenance treatment, used to seal the existing road surface, improve the texture and prevent ingress of water. This type of surface treatment can prolong the carriageway life by up to 10 years. It is mostly used in residential areas with slower moving traffic.

The work involves applying a base and top layer of slurry to the existing road surface. The treatment acts as liquid when first applied, but this dries within 30 minutes and is then ready for traffic.

Following the treatment, loose stones may remain on the road surface for a period and motorists are asked to drive carefully and to follow temporary road sign instructions.

When can I park on the road?

When the micro-asphalt has set, you can drive on the road and park on it again.

Will the road be monitored after the initial work?

We will monitor the road over the following 7 days and return to sweep if required.

For a few days after the work and during prolonged spells of hot weather, the surface may still be sticky and could easily be carried into your home on shoes. Please be vigilant and check your footwear.

Are there any circumstances that will stop this work taking place?

This type of work is weather dependent and bad weather means the work will be rescheduled.

If we’re unable to work on the date specified, please keep the road clear of vehicles the following working day.

After the works, when will lining take place?

A final sweep will be completed prior to relaying any road markings over the following few weeks

Lining for surface treatment works is not reinstated straight away as the micro asphalt needs to settle and bed in, as part of that process it will shed aggregate and will likely need to be swept by a machine.

Where needed, temporary signing are put in place reminding the public that lining has been removed.