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Roadworks and maintenance during the coronavirus outbreak

Surrey County Council is changing its roadworks programme to help keep its workers and the public safe during the coronavirus restrictions.

The safety of the public and staff is paramount and therefore wherever possible we would encourage people to work from home. However, Council contractors have critical activities to undertake which can require staff to be out on the network and when these necessary critical activities take place we are encouraging everyone to follow guidelines in terms of hygiene and social distancing.

Key repair and maintenance works will continue, to make sure that the road network remains safe for those who still need to travel; key workers travelling to and from work, those who need to shop for basic necessities, people walking and cycling for exercise and those providing care for vulnerable people.

Other works, such as resurfacing, are being paused. Some of our works are in the middle of construction and these will need to continue until they are safe enough to be stopped. This will be done in line with government advice on construction works.

We are working with all our contractors and others that work on the highway to make sure that government social distancing rules are applied on site, to protect both staff and the public.

Councillor Matt Furniss, Cabinet Member for Highways, said:

"Our highways service has a vital role to play in making sure essential workers and deliveries can get around safely, which is why we're continuing with roadworks where it's safe for us to do so. We're prioritising schemes that keep the roads safe and prevent them deteriorating too much, and putting back works that we can't do safely at this time."Please be kind to our workers out on the roads at this difficult time. It's difficult for them too, but they do have an essential role to play in keeping our road network safe, making sure essential workers and deliveries can get through and preparing the county to get back to normal as quickly as possible when this is all over."

Information about our highway services and fault reporting is available as normal, but it make take longer than normal for us to respond to some types of report.