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Surrey Heath Major Transport Schemes

Find up to date information regarding the ongoing works on A331 Blackwater Valley Road.

Surrey Heath Major Schemes

A30 and Camberley Town Centre Improvements

Surrey County Council is planning a package of transport improvement measures for the A30 and Camberley Town Centre highway network. The proposed changes aim to reduce peak hour delays along the A30, maintain bus reliability and improve accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists on routes to and within Camberley town centre.

 The proposals which are currently in the design stage will:

  • Support the delivery of Town Centre Area Action Plan including the London Road Block regeneration & improve accessibility in and around the town centre.
  • Reduce peak hour delay along A30 for all traffic movements, when compared with the non-intervention scenario.
  • Enhance accessibility for cyclists and pedestrians to Camberley Town Centre along the A30 corridor through safer crossings and protected cycle and pedestrian routes and specific consideration for people with disabilities.
  • Encourage more cycling and walking to and within Camberley town centre as sustainable modes of transport and practical alternative to private car use.

The A30 proposals will complement the planned improvements at Meadows and will be integrated into future development plans for Camberley town centre. The proposals will optimise road space allocation whilst maintaining kerbside parking and provision for drop-off and pick-up and use of the bus lane.

Find out more and give us your views

A public consultation was held between 20 February and 16 April 2017 to seek your views on our proposals for the A30 and Camberley Town Centre.  Your responses will help support our bid for funding to the EM3 Local Enterprise Partnership. 

Please follow the links below for PDF documents that show details of the schemes that make up the project.

A30-Camberley Scheme Information:

The public consultation closed on Sunday 16 April 2017. We would like to thank you for taking the time to complete our consultation questionnaire.  Please note that these proposals are still in development. Further investigation and design work is underway before the schemes will be ready for delivery. Your views throughout the consultation really helped to inform this process.

How will the proposal be funded?

Surrey County Council is applying for Local Growth Funding from the EM3 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) to fund the majority of this project, in partnership with Surrey Heath Borough Council.

A funding decision is expected to be made during summer 2017, which will allow for scheme delivery to begin from 2018.

Contact us

You can email us at: if you have any questions or comments. Please include ‘A30 Camberley' in your email subject.

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Meadows Gyratory Improvements

High levels of congestion on this strategic highway network leads to significant and regular queuing on the A30, A331 and A321 approaches. Improvements to the Meadows Gyratory aim to reduce delays and reduce congestion on this busy gyratory. The scheme proposals address these constraints and capacity issues, improving access to Camberley town centre for all modes of transport.

The Meadows is a major gyratory providing connectivity between the M3 with the A30 and a key access route into Camberley town centre. The improvements are an important component to ensure the future well-being of Camberley and resilience on the A30. The improved Meadows Gyratory will reduce travel time across the junction and reduce circulating traffic. The improvements include the provision of new and improved signal crossings and traffic islands to protect pedestrians and cyclists.

Construction works are planned to begin in January 2018. The scheme construction will be undertaken in stages to ensure continuity of traffic flow across the junction. Surrey CC is working closely with Highways England to minimise impacts to the M3. A Construction Management Plan will be in place to minimise any disruption to travel.

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Blackwater Valley Cycle/Pedestrian Corridor Improvements - A331 Cycle Links and Blackwater Valley STP

The A331 Cycle Link to the south of Meadows Gyratory to the Sainsbury’s site off the A331 forms part of the wider Blackwater Valley cycle and pedestrian route improvements shown. The scheme is the first phase of the Meadows Gyratory Improvements and falls under the Blackwater Valley STP. When completed, the full scheme will provide a safe and protected cycle route between Meadows to Frimley. It will also link into existing cycle ways into Farnborough and Aldershot. There are further proposals to extend this route southwards towards Farnham.

The improvements will enable continuity of cycle and pedestrian routes from Meadows southwards along the Blackwater Valley and provide cycle accessibility to key employment and commercial sites along this corridor. There is currently no continuous cycling and pedestrian footpath between Meadows, Watchmoor Park and Sainsbury's.

Surrey County Council is delivering the Orange and Green Routes, whilst the Blue and Red routes will be completed by Hampshire County Council. The Orange and Green Route improvements include pelican crossings at the junctions with Stanhope Road and Riverside Way to enable safe crossing for cyclists across the A331. The Orange Route will end at the A331/Sainsbury’s junction.

Construction on the Orange and Green routes is currently underway. Up to date information about these ongoing works can be found on our dedicated A331 roadworks page.

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How will the proposals be funded?

The Meadows Gyratory Improvements and Blackwater Valley Cycle/Pedestrian Route Improvements - A331 Cycle Links and A30 and Camberley Town Centre Highway Improvements are funded through the Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership Local Growth Funding with Surrey County Council providing a local contribution.

Surrey County Council has applied for Local Growth Funding from the Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership to fund the A30 and Camberley Town Centre improvements. The project will be planned and implemented by Surrey County Council with the support of Surrey Heath Borough Council.

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You can email us at: