Safer Roads Partnership Road Safety Strategy 2019-2021

Making People Safer on Surrey's Roads

Our Aims and Objectives

The primary aim of the Surrey Safer Roads Partnership Drive SMART is "Making People Safer on Surrey's Roads". Our objectives are to work together to:

  • Reduce the number of road casualties, especially fatal and serious injuries
  • Tackle collision clusters and high risk routes
  • Identify and support vulnerable road users to reduce their risk
  • Encourage safer and considerate road user behaviour


Surrey has been reasonably successful in reducing casualties in recent years but there is more to do. Road safety, speeding, and anti-social driving remain a prime concern of Surrey's residents.

Therefore Surrey Police, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey, Surrey County Council (including Surrey Fire and Rescue Service) and Highways England have committed to renew the Drive SMART Partnership.

The Drive SMART Road Safety Strategy for 2019-2022 (PDF):

  • Sets the overall aims of the Drive SMART partnership
  • Outlines the relevant statutory duties and national policies in relation to road safety
  • Describes how we will reduce harm and risk by
    • working together and with Surrey's communities
    • using targeted enforcement
    • implementing new engineering schemes
    • providing road safety education and skills training
    • using media and behaviour change interventions.
  • Shows how we use robust evidence and analysis of data to identify cost effective responses to key risks in terms of locations, behaviours, mode of travel and demographics.
  • Shows how we will use monitoring and evaluation frameworks to check how well the partnership is doing in tackling casualties in Surrey including comparison with other police forces and local authorities.

Files available to download