Epsom Road and Bushy Hill Drive junction improvement works

Update Monday 12 April

These works will start on Monday 12 April and take two months to complete.

The work will be carried out between 7.30am – 5:30pm, and the temporary traffic lights will be in place for the entire duration of the works.

What we are doing

We will be carrying out pedestrian island improvement works on Bushy Hill Drive and Epsom Road, Guildford. This is part of the quality bus corridor improvements that are taking place across Guildford for the next 12 months. The traffic lights will also be upgraded to detect late-running buses and change the lights in their favour where possible. The pavement on the northern side of Epsom Road as well as the pedestrian refuge on Bushy Hill Drive will be widened and improved to better accommodate mobility aids and pushchairs as well as provide greater comfort for people walking to and from the bus stop nearby, as well as other pedestrians.

Why are we doing the works?

Surrey County Council is looking to improve bus journey times around Guildford, as part of its commitment to sustainable transport. One element of this project has been looking at the junction of Epsom Road with Bushy Hill Drive. The existing traffic lights have been optimised to minimise the delay to buses as well as the rest of the general traffic. Unfortunately, this location remains a congestion point for all traffic, and therefore the only way to improve the situation is to change the physical layout of the junction.

Over the last couple of years, information has been gathered and many various options have been explored as to if and how the situation could be improved. As part of these studies, it was found that drivers turning right into Bushy Hill Drive from Epsom Road frequently have difficulties in positioning their vehicle fully out of the westbound lane heading into Guildford. This situation is made worse when two or more vehicles, or a bus or other large vehicle, are wishing to turn right during the same signal stage. This restriction of westbound traffic through the junction aids the creation of congestion and delays. To improve this situation, a longer right turning lane needs to be created. This could only be achieved by removing or relocating the existing signalised pedestrian refuge island. Due to the large number of pedestrians that use this crossing to safety cross Epsom Road, the total removal of the island was discounted as an option.

With the need to create a greater holding space for vehicles turning right into Bushy Hill Drive and not blocking resident's vehicle access, it is proposed that the signalised island be relocated to a position nearer the access to the petrol station. Vehicle behaviour modelling of this proposed arrangement has been carried out and shown that this layout will improve journey times for all vehicles including buses.

Unfortunately, the planned works require the existing traffic signals being removed, and as such cannot be left in operation during construction. It is recognised that temporary traffic signals do not operate as well as permanent signals and are therefore likely to increase traffic congestion. Efforts are made to unsure that the impact on traffic is minimised as much as possible, including them being manually controlled during peak hours.

Roadworks during COVID-19 restrictions

We are carrying out these works in line with central government and COVID-19 safe working practises in accordance with the CLC Site Operating Procedures, endorsed by Public Health England.

Information for residents and businesses

We are carrying out pedestrian island improvement works.

These works will be carried out under traffic lights that will be manually controlled during the working hours. The temporary traffic lights will be in place during the entire works duration.

We will need to close the road overnight at the end of the works, but we will update the signs accordingly nearer the time.

Delays in work

Our work is sometimes delayed by bad weather. We will keep you updated on any changes via the advance warning signs and on one.network