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Safe routes to schools

See our 'Safer and Smarter Travel' section on the Surrey Healthy Schools website for the Golden Boot, curriculum resources and the web-based survey facility for schools.

Under the Education and Inspections Act 2006, there is a general duty on local authorities to promote the use of sustainable travel and transport. There are four main elements to the duty:

a. an assessment of the travel and transport needs of children and young people within the authority's area;
b. an audit of the sustainable travel and transport infrastructure;
c. the promotion of sustainable travel and transport modes;
d. a strategy that gives these three elements a direction.

The elements can be tackled through the production of School Travel Plans. The participation of students, parents and others comprises a community-based assessment and audit of the school journey. The County supports this by assisting with surveys, education and training to improve skills, engineering schemes and events such as the Golden Boot Challenge.

A first draft strategy for Surrey was submitted to Executive in 2007 to achieve compliance with the Act. You can download the strategy. The strategy has been updated and was approved at Transportation Select Committee in April 2009.

Files available to download