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Report a lorry incident

We are working with a campaigning group called LORD (Lorries Off Rural Detours) to identify roads in Surrey which are unsuitable for large lorries. These roads will be assessed by us for appropriate action which may include:

  • notifying Ordnance Survey of unsuitable roads to pass onto Satnav companies;
  • new or improved road signing;
  • contacting the freight companies to encourage their drivers to use preferred lorry routes.

In addition we are working on improving our lorry routes map.

If you have witnessed a lorry using an unsuitable road anywhere in Surrey, you can let us know by completing our Lorry Incident Report Form (below). All information will be confidential. Photographs can be attached to the form.

Incidents can include one or a combination of the following:

  • Lorry trying to drive through a road with a weight, width or height restriction;
  • Lorry trying to drive through a 'no through road' (Satnav problem).
  • Lorry driving through an unsuitable minor road.
  • Lorry causing an obstruction.
  • Lorry causing damage to the road, verge, footway or a property.
  • Lorry (7.5 Tonnes and above) parked on the highway overnight.
  • Lorry (7.5 Tonnes and above) parked on a footway or verge.

Please note Surrey Police are responsible for investigating any unsafe driving.

Files available to download